1. My Healthy Host is private company registered in Ontario, Canada offers an online platform that connects hosts with guests. By registering at My Healthy Host site, you agree to fulfil with and be legally bound by the general terms and conditions.

2. To become guests at Myhealthyhost platform you must be adult, 18 years plus of verifiable age. You must also accept the Myhealthyhost platform  terms and condition for becoming a member.

3. To become a Guest, you must create “User’s Account” by providing following required information: Your title – Your family name – Your first name – Your email address. The formation of a User’s Account involuntarily includes the creation of an “Account” with our authorised payment gateway system, as set out in the Terms and Conditions of our payment gateway provider.

4. As a guest at My Healthy Host platform, you are obliged to following.

  • You agree in principle to respect host and his privacy, you will show respect to host and possibly other guests at his house, you should be tolerant and non discriminative and agree to abide the rules and regulation set by host.
  • As a guest you are obliged to respect the hospitality offered to you by your host. You are not suppose to enter in any other part of premised except the place where you are offered to sit and socialize with host and other guests.
  • You agree not to interfere with host property or any other personal belongings. 
  • You agree to accept and respect other guest at host premises as it is part of social dining experience.
  • Under no circumstances, you agree not to damage any property or belongings of your host.
  • You are not suppose to ask replacement of dishes at the time of serving, changes can be done on 24 hours notice. 
  • You are obliged to leave the host premises after the dinner or Lunch, the maximum time you can stay and socialize should not be more than 3 hours.
  • You agree to leave the premised at the request of host and under no circumstances, My Healthy Host will not be responsible if you do not respect these obligations.
  • You also agree to take personal responsibility in the event of a claim by a third party or by your Host in the event that you do not respect this obligation. 
  • You also guarantee us against any claim by a third party or by your Host in this respect.
  • You are obliged not to create any nuisance to any other guest or neighbours of your host.
  • You are expected to respect the contract and agreement to which you are mutually agreeing and In the event of any dispute between you and your Host due to a failure to honor contractual obligations, My Healthy Host shall in no way be held responsible. In the unlikely event that the responsibility of My Healthy Host should be called into question by your Host, or by one or several of the other Guests, or by a third party due to your failure to respect the Guest-Host Contract, you agree to compensate My Healthy Host for any damage that it may suffer as a result. 
  • We highly suggest you to be aware of any regulations that applies to you and respect the regulations.
  • Under no circumstances shall we be held responsible in the event that you should fail to respect all or any of the above mentioned obligations.
  • You agree to make any claim by your Host, or by other Guests, your own personal responsibility in the event that you should fail to respect your obligations and you guarantee us against any recourse from your Host and/or from other Guests in this respect. Except as provided in the terms and conditions of My Healthy Host.

5. Risks factors associated being Guest at My Healthy Host. You should be aware of the fact that you being a guest brings certain risks, there is a possibility of nuisance at your host premises and your host or other guest can damage property, there is a possibility of risk that your host or other guest can infect you or any other problem and issues.  You as a guest agree not to go to you Host’s house in a situation that you may danger infecting your Host and/or other Guests.

6. You admit that photographs published by the Host at My Healthy Host platform may not symbolize the service that will be offered to you during the My healthy host social dining and lodging experience.

7. Modification of the user’s agreement for Guests. My Healthy Host holds full rights to modify the terms and condition mentioned in agreement.

8. Respect for the regulations that apply to you, we advise you to make yourself aware with the regulations that may apply to you whether it’s related to premises or anything else. You agree not drink any alcoholic drink during the event and also do not request host for any alcoholic drink.

9. Withdrawal of Access to My healthy Host website – In the event of failure to comply with My Healthy Host Users agreement, we reserve right to withdraw your access unilaterally and without any prior notice.

10. Resolution of dispute – in the event of any dispute, you are encouraged to contact My Healthy Host 24x7 customer service for amicable resolution of any dispute of any nature. Please contact by email at