1. My Healthy Host is private company registered under inspiration technologies Inc. based in Toronto, Canada offers an online platform that connects hosts with food loving guests. This platform provides excellent opportunity to host to show culinary skills and socialize with new guests at the same time earn money. By registering at My Healthy Host platform, you are agreeing to be bound by its terms and conditions mentioned here which make up a contract between yourself and My Healthy Host. You state and promise to us that you are a person over 18 years of verifiable age and/or having the lawful capacity to enter into a contract.

2. We would advise you to read through the User’s Agreement again. The User’s Agreement for Host is form of contract between My Healthy Host and you, by which you are bound when you use the Website as a “Host”. If you do not agree with User’s agreement for Host’, you are not allowed to use the Website as a Host.

3. This agreement aims to control your rights and compulsion more purposely in the occasion that you should make a decision to employ the “Contact Service” as a Host.

4. To become a selected Host, you must first make a “User Account” with following mandatory information:

- Your date of birth.
- Your sexual category.
- Your complete postal address.
- A profile photograph that represents you.
- Your nationality.
- The languages that you speak.

5. The creation of a User Account automatically includes the creation of an “Account” with our selected payment gateway provider, as set out in the Terms and Conditions of payment gateway provider.

6. It is your responsibility as a Host to define your menu’s precisely and your meal offer. Your Invitation will be validated on the Website as soon as the following mandatory information related to menu and offer has been supplied:
- Complete postal address of the chosen location.
- Menu details and the approximate length of the hosting period.
- Images of the types of dishes that you are likely to recommend.
- The likelihood of the presence of pets at your place.
- The maximum number of Guests that you are offering to invite.
- The amount payable by each Guest, our commission will be included in this amount, tax included.

7. Your obligations as a Host:

  • You agree to value your Guests and their respective traditions and to treat them in a non-discriminatory manner.
  • The most significant part of being a Host is to be welcoming.
  • You agree to take responsibility of inviting Guests in premises which you are lawfully entitled to use, either as owner or as tenant.
  • You agree to respect any dietary restrictions regarding which your Guests have informed you.
  • You agree to provide your Guests with wholesome food and drink or accommodation.
  • Respect for your neighbours and other members of your household and make sure there should not be any nuisance in premises.
  • Respect for the contract which you are offering, In the event that you should accept a User as a Guest, your pre-contractual offer shall become a contractual offer and you are obliged to honour your commitment.
  • Respect for the regulations that apply to you, we advise you to make yourself aware with the regulations that may apply to you whether its related to premises or anything else. You agree not to serve any alcoholic drink during the event and also do not encourage guests to bring his own alcoholic drink.

8. Responsibility: Under no circumstances shall we be held responsible in the event that you should fail to respect all or any of the above mentioned obligations. You agree to make any claim by your Guests, your own personal responsibility in the event that you should fail to respect your obligations and you guarantee us against any recourse from your Guests in this respect.

9. You guarantee to us that you have adequate public liability insurance to cover these risks and you agree to provide us with a complete copy within week of any request on our part.

10. Withdrawal of Access to My healthy Host website – In the event of failure to comply with My Healthy Host Users agreement, we reserve right to withdraw your access unilaterally and without any prior notice.

11. Risks related to being a Host: You should be aware of the fact that you being a host brings certain risks, there is a possibility of nuisance at your premises and your guest can damage property, there is a possibility of risk that your guest can infect you or any other problem and issues.  My Healthy Host, under any circumstances will not be responsible for any damage and you should have your own insurance to cover possible damages.

12. You agree that no photograph that you choose to publish on the Website should show any individual person other than yourself unless its been agreed in writing and communicated to us. You agree not to publish any photographs on the Website that you have not in person taken yourself. You guarantee to us that you are the owner of all intellectual property rights to content that you choose to publish at My Healthy Host platform. 

13. Myhealthyhost platform assure you smooth transaction of payment. You will receive your payment within 5-7 business days of completion of service. Myhealthyhost platform will charge 10% commission on every transaction. Payment gateway and applicable GST will be charged separately.

14. There is no monthly fees initially and membership fees is free for first 12 month of service.

15. In case of no show of guest, host will be paid as per payment policy.