What is my healthy host?

My Health Host is a social dining and Lodging platform for local hosts and people to meet , dine and stay together. It's an online platform for people to connect and make the world a better place with food and home. My Health Host is “The Place” to connect users who are looking for homemade dishes/menus and home for stay, with local hosts who are willing to offer dining, pickup/delivery and Paying guests services to them.

How My Healthy Host can help?

Apart from getting people healthy homemade food and home, My Health Host will also allow social mingling and would also give local home chefs/hosts a chance to earn extra cash.

Why use My Healthy host?

My health Host is for everyone. Be it a traveler, working professional, student or even a local who wish for a day off from cooking, you are just a click away from great food. For those welcoming hosts who love cooking and desire to be famous for it. all you need to do is to become a host at My Health host social platform by displaying your special menu. Become an Entrepreneur. Turn your kitchen into a business by hosting your services at my healthy host platform. Just cook a little more when you are cooking for your family and get an opportunity to get some additional income.


Can I discover Authentic Homemade Food?

You can look out for menus from thousands of My Healthy Host local chefs and can choose to dine with the best. 

How Can I decide and Order Your Food?

You get to decide from a list ranging from Indian to Chinese to continental to Thai, you name the cuisine, and you will find it. It’s all in one place and you have the liberty to eat the cuisine you want. Be it anything sweet or as chili as Mughlai, My Health Host has got you covered.

Obtain the Food, Eat and Join the Community

Not only you can go out and socialize with a chef and get to know its culture but if you are an introvert, you can stay at home and select food from chefs that deliver to your place.

So, My Healthy Host is a restaurant, right?

No, not really. My healthy host is an online platform for the lovers of homemade healthy food. It is a platform for hosts and guests and does not provide catering services, preparation or delivery of the served food. 

How can I join My Healthy Host Community as a host?

Yes. You are most welcome. You only have to log in the website or the mobile app and create a host profile. After providing all the requested information, you can begin publishing your star dishes and menus.

I am not a professional chef but I am fond of cooking. Can I also make my chef profile on My healthy host?Of course. In fact, at My Healthy Host, we prefer people with no professional experience to be our chefs and make the experience as home-like as possible. So, if you can cook it and desire to take it to the professional level then My Health Host is where you need to register. 

Can I leave my valuation of the user or cook after the completion of the service?

For My healthy host, quality is a very significant aspect, so we support you to leave your assessment of the user or chef with whom you contracted the service throughout the platform of My Healthy Host after the service completion date. Your views contribute value and quality and are very significant for future contracting users of the same service. So do not forget it! Rate other users!And remember, the client will leave a comment on your plate/menu on the platform after tasting it, so it is very significant that you take care of all the details, quality, ingredients, and presentation. We are certain that the result will be unbelievable. Welcome to My healthy host!