As we know the sharing economy (Peer to peer based business model) has become a new movement. From sharing cars to sharing of homes or even food is becoming common. My Health host is social dining and lodging (Paying Guest) platform provides opportunity to travelers, students and working professionals to dine and socialize with potential hosts. We suggest you to begin with registration as a guest, and then browse and search for potential hosts in the cities you are visiting or even in your home city. Social dining and lodging experience is fun, it is about meeting new people. Each dining and lodging experience is unique and features a customized package prepared by the host, select the services required of your choice and book accordingly through our online secured payment methods. You will receive confirmation message from potential host. You are advised to let your host aware if you have any dietary preferences of restrictions so that the host can be prepared.



My Healthy host platform provided excellent opportunity to dine, lodging and socialize with new people, be it for companionship while you travel or just to keep you away from eating out or staying alone or get food delivery while you relax at home, login to register as a guest and explore thousands of delicious food and lodging (Paying Guest) experiences offered by our selected hosts.  


Once you register as a guest, search for potential host through our customized search menu and book through our secure online platform. you will receive email notification for your booking and confirmation from your host. You will not be charged until the host confirms your booking. You have an option to cancel the booking as per our cancellation policy.


After successful completion of service, Its time to share my healthy host experience through your online reviews on social media as well as on my healthy host platform.


My Healthy host platform encourages all those who love cooking and possess good culinary skills as well those who got extra space in their home and can offer paying guest services, to join as our selected host . Login to register as a host and create a profile, do not forget to create your customized service packages with pictures and be part of our host team.