Social Dining

Social Dining

Discover your favorite place to eat: Your homemade food away from home

Food makes everything great. The whole idea of socializing over food is our concept. There is nothing that could go wrong with socializing and food put together. Have you ever wondered what a specific dish tasted or have you ever wanted to taste a specific dish made by a local? With My Healthy Host, it is all possible and it is the right place to be at. My Healthy host is a platform for home chefs to sharpen their knife skills and showcase their cooking expertise by offering a window to their customs, traditions, and cuisine that would otherwise not be accessible to the outside world.

So if you want to socialize over dinner or lunch, you just need to book your seats and join in the venture of a unique culinary social experience. Here you will get excellent local homemade food, hailing from different parts of the nation, prepared with love and passion by local families. It is all regarding bringing people together over an overwhelming cooking experience.  

For those welcoming hosts who love cooking and desire to be famous for it, all you need to do is to become a host at My Healthy host social platform by displaying your special menu.

Become an Entrepreneur. Turn your kitchen into a business by hosting your services at my healthy host social dining platform. Just cook a little more when you are cooking for your family and get an opportunity to get some additional income by “turn ON” the “OPEN” button on the Healthy Host site and display your daily Menu or serve the guest who have booked in advance and requested for special menu on a scheduled date.

Our goal: to make the world a better place through Healthy social dining.