Meal Box (Delivery/Pickup)

Meal Box (Delivery/Pickup)

Discover your favorite homemade food Delivered/Pickup to your place

My Healthy host is a online social platform that allows you to order home made food deliver/pickup. With a strong global presence, our platform expects to connect millions of guests and has a network of many Meal Box providers that deliver at home or give you option to pick up.

Focusing on improving daily operation, we offer a new sales channel for gastronomic Meal Box provider and an innovative tool for our customers and users.

Why we are best:

You get fresh home made and healthy food. Our Hosts prepare all menus for delivery/Takeout with dishes that fit the delivery and arrive fresh still at your place.You get healthy meal of your choice delivered or pick up. We work with Meal Box provider very close to where you are, so your meal stays fresh for you. For host, You get paid on time as per the terms and condition defined in host agreement.

Benefits for guests.

Make your order as per your choice, safe and at no extra cost. Find your choice of Meal Box providers in just one click. Avoid phone calls and busy lines. See the options menu with current prices.One can check the rating and reviews for the Meal Box provider.